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Education Recognition & Awards

The correct personalised awards, trophies, badges and gifts can greatly motivate, reward and inspire  your students to work harder and in a more beneficial way. This in turn will enable them to gain more from their education and become a better citizen. It is also important to reward and thank your hard-working teachers and staff.

You may be interested in:

  • Student and staff motivation badges and rewards
  • Congratulating students on their successes
  • Reinforcing appropriate behaviour in your students
  • Rewards for sports days, prize giving and graduations
  • Fundraising and souvenirs for past students and alumni
  • Student and staff identity lanyards and card holders

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Our experience team will be happy to listen to your requirements and ideas and help develop them into presentation awards, gifts and badges

You, your students and staff will be proud to present, to receive and to wear.  We trust our Virtual Showroom will provide inspiration and show you what other Educational establishments

Have done to reward and motivate their staff and students.

Please call our friendly sales team on 02476 223374 to discuss your requirements and ideas or email us for more information.

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